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Environmentally Friendly Uses Of Shipping Containers

Environmentally Friendly Uses Of Shipping Containers

The majority of people use storage containers for either long or short term storage. Many will either have a storage need where their belongings are too much for their home or accommodation or need them as part of a business. As a result, once they have finished being used for storage many storage containers are abandoned or forgotten about.

However, once the actual storage requirement is no longer present, there are a number or reuses for storage containers which are not only useful but also environmentally friendly:

  1. Accommodation

In addition to living in their old storage containers, many people have used them as dens, family rooms or summer rooms in their yards. However, on a much larger scale, containers have been used as hotels (by Travelogue in London) and as apartment blocks (in New York) where their existing structure meant that little building work or construction was required to make them safe for the public. The savings on these projects were estimated to be up to a third of the normal construction costs and in addition the construction process was much quicker.

  1. Solar Power

Wherever they’re kept and however they’re used, the flat roofs of storage containers can be used to house solar panels and the use of ceramic thermal paint in the building of containers means that they often give better results than if those panels were erected onto standard buildings.

  1. Recycling

Old storage containers are frequently found collecting clothes, waste, plastic and glass for recycling

  1. Donation

Many charities use old storage containers to transport items to countries such as Africa who need supplies of larger items such as medication, educational supplies and donated clothing.

Alternatively, the steel of the container itself can be recycled or reused in other projects. There are thousands of recycling projects throughout the US where the amount of steel in a small container would be hugely welcomed.

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