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Ice Makers Enable Restaurants To Streamline Their Operations

Ice Makers Enable Restaurants To Streamline Their Operations

Restaurateurs know that ice is as much of a food product as the other items on their menu, so they need to make sure they supply their customers with good quantities of the product. You also need to know which type of ice you wish to produce.

Full Ice Cubes

For example, ice may be produced in full cubes or in half cubes for drinks. Normally, full cube ices are another name for dice or regular ice cubes. This type of ice is ideal for use in soft drinks, cocktails, bagged ice, or dispensed ice. Therefore, it is often used in restaurants, bags, and bars.

Half Ice Cubes

Half ice cubes are also known as half-dice ice. These ice cubes are normally half the size of full cubes of ice. This type of ice is more versatile as you can use it for both cocktails and soft drinks. It is also used in blended frozen drinks.

Nugget Ice

Ice is also made by machine into nuggets. This type of ice is ideal for use in iced coffee, soft drinks, smoothies, and frozen cocktails. It is often used in healthcare facilities and quick-serve type restaurants. This type of ice may also be featured for use in drinks in convenience stores.

Flake Ice

Ice machines in Perth also make flake type ice. This ice is designed for use in chilling foods on a buffet or for displaying seafood. Flake ice may also be used in blended frozen drinks. This ice is therefore suggested for use in buffets, at grocery stores, at fish markets, and in healthcare facilities.

Making Comparisons

If you are comparing nugget ice to flake ice, nugget ice is drier and chewable. Therefore, nugget ice can be more easily served from a dispenser. Nugget ice is also easier to blend into frozen drinks, such as smoothies and margaritas.

Customer expect to receive more ice when they receive chewable nugget ice. Therefore, a restaurateur or pub owner can save more money on the cost of their drinks when they service this type of ice. However, you may need to choose a bigger machine in order to meet a higher demand. Most ice makers that produce nugget ice operationally run more efficiently. Therefore, you can save additional money on your utilities.

Because it is used for display purposes, flake ice is not regularly served in drinks. However, there is one exception to this rule. The ice can be served in health institutions as it presents less of choking hazard. Because the ice is 75% ice-to-water in composition, it is both light and chewable. Also, its elevated air-to-volume composition makes the ice softer to crunch. That also means that flake can melt rapidly. Therefore, you really do not want to choose this ice for serving restaurant drinks, however, the soft texture of flake ice does make it an ideal blender for making frozen drinks.

Gourmet Ice

Gourmet ice makers are also available that produce gourmet-type ice. This type of ice is ideal for use in upscale dining establishment and in bars. This unique ice is used for serving high-end type liquors and premium drinks in upscale restaurants and bars.

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