How Technology Is Making Door To Door Milk Deliveries More Viable

How Technology Is Making Door To Door Milk Deliveries More Viable

Since the late 1980s, less and less households have been having their milk delivered to the door. In some areas, doorstep milk delivery was a service that was no longer available even for those who wanted it.

However, over the past five or six years things have started to change. Existing dairies are getting more customers and expanding their coverage. There are even new dairies being set up to once again offer milk deliveries.

More Economical Routes and Better Ordering

Increasingly, modern consumers want the chance to buy their food direct through online shopping. They want food that is fresh and has not been sitting in a warehouse for a couple of days before it gets to them. As a result buying milk direct from the dairy appeals to more people

The fact that dairies can now take orders online allows them to offer a more flexible service that suits modern consumers. Dairies can now offer a bigger range of goods, which is also attractive to consumers.

The dairy can be paid online, so there is no need to have cash in the house and wait in so that the milkman can collect their money. This also improves cash flow giving the dairy the money they need to invest in new technology. Mapping technology is also helping dairies to plan routes to speed up deliveries and save on fuel. All of this is enable dairies to offer to the door deliveries at an affordable price.

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