Why Scots Are Considered As The Best Whisky Makers

Why Scots Are Considered As The Best Whisky Makers

Nothing rewarding can be accomplished without following the basic steps and making use of quality ingredients as regards making of anything including whisky. Candidly, Scotland is famous for its fine whiskeys that have become the preferred choice of millions of whisky lovers.

It is the following process that is involved in making whisky in Scotland homes that are famous for scots are the best at making whisky in the world:

  • Corn – Whisky makers in Scotland make use of corn for making the drink. Untreated kernel corn is used for making the whisky in Scotland homes. It is the finest class of corn that is pure in all respects. Quality drinks are made with it that satisfies the drunkards.
  • Soaking – Burlap sack is used for putting the kernels. The sack is placed in a large container and saturated with warm water. The kernels are soaked to the bone that is so important in the process of making whisky.
  • Crushing and mashing – Use of a rolling pin is made for crushing and mashing the kernels in perfect manners. The mash is thrown into a huge ass pot filled with boiling water after it gets dried up. The process repeated multitudinous times. The Scots add one cup of champagne yeast to the mixture when it is at about eighty six degrees.
  • Fermentation process – The scots are the best at making whisky in the world as they know the task well. They are aware of the fact to ferment the mixture well for about one week. They make use of a water cooler jug and do not forget to add nifty plastic airlocks on the top. They do not hurry up and instead wait for about ten days for the whisky to undergo the proper process of making. The Scots follow straining the mixture into a still with the help of a pillow without the pillowcase.
  • Pre-whiskey drink – Scots are clever in enjoying this drink that helps in increasing the alcohol content. The still is put over medium heat for about one hour at the distillation point of about 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Chillax – This is the specific point when the drink still does its job. A built-in thermometer may be used for knowing the mixture to be at 172 degrees. It is because of the fact that alcohol evaporates at this degree while the water evaporates at a higher level of 212 degrees. The Scots see that the evaporated alcohol rises up the tube and into the side-by vessel that facilitates the purest whisky.
  • Aging – Scots are in no hurry to try the whisky as they consider its age as significant. Use of barrels is made for giving woody taste to the drink. They char the barrels in advance and fill it with spices or flavors. Nice oak barrels are used for good flavor.

Those interested in making quality whisky like scots are the best at making whisky may adhere to the above simple tips.

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